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Marilyn Hellman is the owner of the luxury specialty boutique, Marilyn's, on Fifth Avenue South in Naples, Florida. Marilyn's superb sense of style and savvy in finding unique small designer brands in Europe is revealed by the her curated selection of fashion items found in the boutique. Marilyn's distinctive European Fashion is a perfect destination for shoppers looking for exclusive pieces for their wardrobes.

How To Mix Up Prints For Spring 2017

By |2017-05-04T03:52:33+00:00February 27th, 2017|Fashion, Fashion Tips|

If you admire the new trend of mixing prints in your fashion ensemble, Marilyn Hellman offers this advise: Play Up Your Personal Style Since European fashion is all about creativity, the key to mastering any look is to stay true to your own personal style. Stay current by keeping [...]

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How To Wear Pointed Toe Shoes In Fashion

By |2017-05-04T03:44:58+00:00December 20th, 2016|Shoes|

Pointy toe shoes have been a classic fashion statement, going in an out of style for centuries. Many believe that a pointed toe (shoe) gives off a feminine vibe - sleek and sensual.  Here's Marilyn's advice about when to wear pointed toe shoes: "Let points peek out from trousers, especially appealing with wide leg [...]

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Prints – Strong Trend In Fashion 2016-2017

By |2017-05-04T03:20:47+00:00November 23rd, 2016|Fashion, Fashion Tips|

Prints are still coming on strong! Marilyn Hellman, owner of Marilyn's, has this to say about the trend: "Start easy with the trend. To stay current, choose geometric prints. Add a print scarf with a plain color dress or outfit. Try wearing print pants with a long white shirt. [...]

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Hat Trends: Fall 2016

By |2017-05-04T03:23:17+00:00September 22nd, 2016|Fashion Tips, Hats|

Every September, Marilyn Hellman is traveling Europe on her annual buying trip. While working with all of her vendors, fashion shows and walking the streets of Italy, France and Spain Marilyn observes European fashion trends first-hand. For Fall 2016 Marilyn reports the following trends: Large fascinators are very in [...]

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Summer Hats – Fresh New Look To Classic Shapes

By |2017-05-04T02:10:35+00:00June 29th, 2016|Fashion Tips, Hats|

It's always good to have a few hats on hand for the summer that are flexible enough to be worn with casual clothes for the beach or paired with a summer dress for a luncheon or wedding. French hat designer Stefanie Wesley creates beautiful handmade hats that are shaped and individually sewn - quality [...]

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