Face it. While there are countless shapes that don’t fit neatly into one category or another, generally most face shapes can be described as round, long, oval, diamond, square, or heart shaped. Here are some tips from Marilyn to help you find the best hat that will flatter your face. Marilyn’s has one of the largest hat collections from Europe, but our priority is ensuring the hat selection process is seamless. Please review our best hat buying tips.


  • Width and length of the face are almost the same.
  • The widest part of the face is at the cheeks.
  • Brims should be worn on an angle, not straight.
  • The crown of the hat must not be narrower than your face.
  • Asymmetrical lines are useful.
  • Avoid flower-pot shapes.


  • Face gracefully tapers toward the chin, wider forehead, and prominent cheekbones.
  • Almost any hat can be worn.
  • Wear the hats straight across the brow or straight across the hairline as fashion or mood demands.


  • Forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are similar width with prominent jawline.
  • Variation: heart face shape with pointed chin.
  • Slant the brim of your hat or simply tilt the hat.
  • Wear hat with asymmetrical shapes.
  • Try wearing earrings with the hat.


  • Face gracefully tapered toward the chin with elongated features from forehead to the chin. Some oblong faces have more prominent chin than others.
  • Avoid narrow and tall hats.
  • Brims can be worn, but experiment and balance the shoulders with the rest of the body.


  • Face shape generally angular and somewhat bony with prominent chin.
  • Almost any hat can be worn.
  • Wear the hat straight across the brow or straight across the hairline as fashion or mood demands.
  • Watch that the crown is never narrower than the cheekbones.

And a final tip, bring out your eyes by matching the hat décor to your eye color. This is especially lovely for those who have a long face. However, keep in mind you want the décor to be soft and not stark. We suggest florals or colored ribbon for the best effect.

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