As the Holiday Season comes into full force, Marilyn’s carries surprises for every situation. Delight the ones you love with thoughtful – one of a kind gifts that should be on everyone’s must have list. This holiday season it’s all about the details, take your favorite fashionista to the next level by customizing her style with eye catching accessories.

Our Three Tiered Gift Guide, kisses every holiday relationship and ensures everyone feels loved this Holiday Season.

Your Hostess Gift

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As the Season for Giving creates opportunities for Merry and Bright Parties, we welcome you to stand out with your holiday Hostess gifts. Instead of bringing generic candies and wines, our accessory selection allows you be more creative. Put a spotlight on the mistress of ceremonies by adding a little sparkle or a bangle that will complement any outfit. For hostesses with the most luxurious taste, a simple thank you is conveyed with our easy to combine accessories from head to toe. If you know your hostess enjoys a splash of color, the best way to make her eyes light up is to give her orbs of happiness that frame her face with a pop of color or even a necklace to match. Not only will you be her favorite guest, but you will also be the first one alerted when the best desserts are being presented that evening.

For The Friend Who Has Everything

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Whether you are browsing for your longtime childhood friend, or searching for something to make your work wife feel oved, it gets to be a daunting task to make everyone in your social squad feel appreciated. Before you opt for the sterile gift card and the excuse that they will appreciate the choice more, let’s look at items that are more creative than a monogram on a yetti cup. Our jewelry doubles as art, so you are not only offering your loved ones a chance to have something different, you are giving a one of a kind item, honed by masters of their craft. These conversation pieces will get people talking on every outing.

gift-ideas_Marilyn-ScarfIf your loved ones tend to make you feel warm and fuzzy, a selection of silks might be what will best keep them warm. From air conditioning to our Florida Sun, from the plane to the northern climates, scarves can be used as an accent – or wrap to layer with our outfit. At Marilyn’s, we carry a fine selection of scarves.

Our signature, “Marilyn Scarf” is available for purchase online. A silk scarf with beautiful muted colors and modern graphic is a perfect addition to dress up your blouse, sweater or dress.

The One We Can’t Live Without

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Whether it’s your Mom, Wife, Sister or Partner. We all have ladies in our lives that we can’t live without. These are the women, that make life easier and happier, the ladies that go the extra mile and make you feel loved with the details. Give them the gift that will make them feel loved all year round because it incorporates emotion. For ladies that bring passion and fun, give them a shoe and bag combination that will have them stopping in the streets with compliments. Our Strappy heels and matching bag will elevate any black dress into a party and any evening into a celebration .  Whether Dancing downtown or causing a commotion at the Country Club our dynamic duos will have your favorite lady happy to be hitting the town.

How About Gifting A Hat For Your Special Friend

gift-idea_hatFor ladies that bring a laid back atmosphere wherever they may go, give them an opportunity to look pulled together, wherever they end up. With the simple addition of a hat, any outfit looks pulled together and gives you the ability to add a layer of texture to any outfit. The way to stand out in any fashion situation is simply to add a hat, they are whimsical and practical all in the same breath and allow you to pull a look together with by far the most fun accessory.

This Holiday Season, give the ladies in your life the gift she wants. Give one of a kind Gifts from Marilyns!