Mother’s Day Gifts
04 May 2022
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Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate mothers and make them feel extra special. Giving the perfect gift is one of the best ways to show mothers how they are appreciated and loved.
At Marilyn’s, we believe in finding unique gifts that reflect the tastes and styles of each woman. This season some of our top picks for Mother’s Day include:
Marilyn’s Blouses are made with the best quality fabrics and Italian fits so you can wear them season after season. A blouse is a perfect gift for a mother who appreciates elegant style.
Marilyn’s Shoes are unmatched. The styles originate from Italy and France. For a mother that wants to stand out, a bold statement heel is ideal. And a mother who gravitates towards neutrals, an everyday heel or sandal is the right choice.
Marilyn’s Signature Scarf is the most unique and special gift. It originates from Como, Northern Italy, and is available in silk or modal fabric choice. The silk option measures 27” x 70”, while the modal option is a large square that measures 55″ x 55″. Both can be used as a scarf or shawl. The design features a redesign of the “Spanish Lady” icon with a fresh new color palette. The scarf showcases colors like white, silver, black, yellow, light blue, and red that make it easy to wear with almost any outfit!
Finding that special, one-of-a-kind gift is a wonderful way to show love this Mother’s Day! Let the team at Marilyn’s help you find the perfect gift today! The store is open Monday through Saturday from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm EST. Or you can shop the exclusive online shop at old.marilynhellman.com

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