The collection is Fashion that rises from nature”, and the miracle mineral Marble prints.
Inspired with the direct crystallization of water and the accumulated and jamming of the shells of sea creatures, self-establishing marble is the miraculous proof of existence and purity with its organic and vivid structure at its core. This natural stone manifested in white and transparent tones; each form has a different healing effect, a different sense, and the power to appeal to emotion.
The blouses are produced with effort and precision like a marble craft, aiming for high quality and the finest detail.
The purpose of the designs is pure, relaxing like water; elegant, stylish as crystal; create vivid, naïve miracles like seashells; At the same time, it is to be the choice of women who desire to be comfortable and stylish when addressing strong, sophisticated, modern spirits, enjoying a simple and original sense of style, nurturing the energy of self-love, balance, peace, and self-creation power in life.