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Marilyn Italian Made Black and White, Resin Layered Bracelet

Marilyn Italian Made Black and White, Resin Layered Bracelet


  • Three Dots on Circler Resin Bracelet
  • Color: As Pictured,
  • 1.4? Inside Diameter
  • Weight 1.3 oz.
  • Made in Italy

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Nature is the main source of inspiration for this Italian handmade collection with a constant search for innovative materials and refined techniques. Raw materials, such as bright stones and iridescent mother-of-pearls, Resins and metal components assembled in a kaleidoscope of colors and shades of light, merge in a succession of contrasts and happy combinations to form wonderful jewelry. The Collection, communication: and transmits a clear, unequivocal message of the personality of the wearer. The collections is with shapes, continuous movement that combine innovation and classicism, that have a transversal style, which meets everyone’s tastes: earrings set with shiny Swarovski, suitable for the most elegant occasions, others more fun and carefree, with animals that offer originals combinations of colors and materials; white and colors. The latest pieces, Trend more geometric and design style.


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