Marilyn Italian Made Soft Viscose Original Print Stripe Pant
Marilyn’s design their Pants and Skirts as she designs, her blouses and dresses, to accompany the modern woman of all ages, to enhance her femininity and personality always, at work and on the most exclusive occasions. She pays attention to sight, touch, detail, and the quality of fabrics with a focus on the heritage of totally made in Italy.
Marilyn focuses on a comfortable fit of Pants without sacrificing fashion and trend.
The collection moves from classic and refined models to garments that reflect the more imaginative sides of a women, while always emphasizing refinement and good taste.
The success of Marilyn’s Brand is the close relationship she has with her customers and the amazing passion she has for exposing customers to things they would never be exposed to unless she brought them to her shop. Marilyn, desires to make everyone feel great when dressed in her clothes.