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Marilyn’s French Plexiglass Necklace MX393

Marilyn’s French Plexiglass Necklace MX393


  • Luxury Plexiglas Jewelry -necklace
  • Contemporary
  • 16? necklace, drop choker
  • Weight 8 oz.
  • Made in in France:

These France handmade plexiglass pieces are carved and shaped by hand from hard materials. Without molding, they create a material based on leaves and blocks. After machining, sanding and polishing, the shape becomes transparent. The line of the jewelry then shows a trajectory to the light.
The designers Fran?ois-Xavier and Murielle Guyot. Xavier, was born in Vichy, and Murielle Guyot in Mende (Auvergne). Their encounter, like their journey, took a winding route. “They met in the south of France, where they were doing a school of horticulture. Today, their alliance for creation is bearing fruit. They refine their creations, work on the material. they cut geometric shapes, sculpt them in three dimensions, seam, polish, heat, glue, superimpose plates, brass, copper or steel meshes.


Green, Orange, Light Pink


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