Marilyn’s Multicolor People Print Stole is a gorgeous stole with every color represented, so it’ll go with every outfit. It is 100% Italian silk so you know it is of the best quality.

Every dress is unique in its style thanks to the beauty and the high quality of its fabrics. The styles take their inspiration from the past and assure a timeless style and attention to detail. Cettina Bucca Couture is passion, artisan knowledge and sustainability. Their team is made up of many young talents lead by the creativity of Cettina Bucca, art director and founding member. The Italian identity, courage, and generosity are the inspiration for the brand. In fact, Marilyn’s Multicolor People Print Stole is a stunning representation of this attention to detail.

Sustainability is the future of fashion. To follow this, they implement a slow production model in which every phase of the creative and making process take place caring a lot about social, cultural, ethic and environmental responsibility. This method invests all the key phases in the making of Cettina Bucca clothes. They make their clothes with 100% ecologic fabrics that come from organic fibers, such as cotton, linen, silk and wool. Secondly, Cettina Bucca selects only local labs that specialize in the production of sartorial clothes. They select only local skilled workers to guarantee an added value in their products. Above all, they prioritize attention to detail, accurate seams, and the passionate attitude of expert and precise hands.

They believe that the right work conditions and respect for authentic Sicilian culture feeds the creative mind. They create precious clothes, rich with love, respect and art, in a unique combination between man and nature. Finally, they value the harmony with world and the whole universe.