Necklace-Murano Glass Bead White/Red

Marilyn collaborated with the ESSE2 Team to create this piece. A combination of a spun silver and clear glass bead with, one colored bead, carefully center for more interest. Great for V- necklines
Produced by ESSE2, which has used its artistry and glass working skills to revive an ancient art: manufacturing Venetian glass beads. The company is always on the lookout for innovative materials and original designs. It oversees every step of the manufacturing process for collections – from the making of the beads to the creation of the jewelry – and places great importance on the purity of the glass and the precision of the details. The dedication and creativity of every single member of the ESSE2 team goes into the production of jewelry which can satisfy both traditional and modern tastes. The close-knit family has been working on the Italian and international markets for years and can always be relied on for its great quality and professionalism.