Finding The Perfect Fit For Your Shape
Finding The Perfect Fit For Your Shape 11 Sep 2018
Fashion Tips

Finding The Perfect Fit For Your Shape

Have you ever fallen in love with a garment on the rack only to be disappointed upon trying it on? In the world of fashion, choosing styles to flatter your shape is just as important as picking out clothing based on your tastes. Luckily, by following some fashion tips from Marilyn Hellman, owner of the popular boutique in Naples, FL, Marilyn’s,  it’s possible for virtually any garment or accessory to complement your unique shape.

Marilyn’s Fashion Tips For Fitting Clothes


One fashion faux pas to avoid is wearing any garments that pull or appear too tight in any area. When material gathers or is pulling taut across the bust, hips, or thighs, it will draw attention to these spots. On the other hand, clothing shouldn’t appear baggy in these regions, either. Garments should always fit properly, without being too tight or large at the bust and shoulders or sagging too low between the legs.

Blazers are one garment in particular which can easily become ill-fitting if not sized correctly. When wearing one, you should be able to move freely without your arms or shoulders feeling compressed. If you need to go a size larger to fit your shoulders but the rest of the garment is too large, you can always have it taken in elsewhere. The same goes for pants, tops, and dresses; size up to accommodate any areas as needed, then have your clothing tailored to hem the length or bring material in as needed.


Another way to achieve a flattering look with virtually any outfit is to follow the rule of thirds. Iconic designer Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” It turns out the ratio of thirds achieves an aesthetically pleasing division of space. Thus, instead of creating outfits in halves, put your overall fashion look into thirds.

For example, you could pair long and short items, such as a short jacket with a long skirt or pair of high-waisted trousers. A long jacket and a short skirt would also have an equally eye-catching effect. Virtually any outfit can be divided up into thirds by adding a belt to the waist. This also achieves an elongated, slimmer appearance.

For your convenience, Marilyn’s offers complimentary alterations and personal attention to make sure any garment you choose fits you properly. This allows you to select pieces you love and ensures a fit you can feel confident about. Visit Marilyn’s to experience a shopping experience that will guarantee your perfect fit.

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