Marilyn’s has a large selection of luxury fashion accessories perfect for the fashionista. Assuredly, Marilyn’s has everything from head to toe. Hats are one of Marilyn’s largest departments. Marilyn’s personally sources their selection from vendors all over Europe. In fact, they are from Great Britain, France, Italy, and Spain. Marilyn’s carries a variety of wide brim hats and fascinators.
First, fascinator hats are a small head accessory worn on the side of the head to add interest to an outfit. Marilyn’s has the perfect fascinator for any event whether its for derby day, a wedding, high tea, or any other formal event that you need a fun accessory to stand out.
Wide brim hats are versatile and complete any outfit. They are perfect for for a beach day, out to brunch on a sunny day, garden parties, or for derby day. Marilyn’s wide brim hats range from simple to decorated. They are made of straw and other materials. They come in various sizes of brim for varying levels of sun protection.
Above all, go to Marilyn’s if you need a unique hat for any special event. Marilyn’s hat selection is unmatched in quality and style. You will not be disappointed.

Finally, if you need any styling help or have any questions, use our chat function in the bottom right corner and we can help!


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