Marilyn’s Leather Animal Print Strappy Mules are fun, unique leather mules. Two-inch round ball heel. Very sexy and fun. Totally Italian made.

Marilyn’s works with Italian shoe companies that are leaders in the production of shoes. Marilyn’s selects collections from factories recognized for their attention to detail, craftsmanship, creativity, luxury materials, all without sacrificing comfort.
In fact, Marilyn’s curates shoes for a woman wherever she goes. We want our shoes to support an urban chic attitude. Slip them on in the morning, go to work, and finish with a evening out in style and comfort. Marilyn’s is committed to bringing the very best of unique exciting fashion to our customers.

Above all, Marilyn’s carries a wide selection of unique couture shoes, including Marilyn’s Leather Animal Print Strappy Mules. Marilyn’s source shoes from Italy and France. Also, Marilyn’s has shoes fit for every occasion. You’ll find lightweight flats and sandals perfect for travel. You’ll find bold statement heels to stand out in the crowd. And, you’ll find neutral every day heels and sandals ready to compliment every outfit in your wardrobe. Ultimately, Marilyn’s shoes are made with the best quality materials so you can wear your pieces for seasons and years to come. If you need a special pair of shoes for any event, go to Marilyn’s.