How to Care for Leather Designer Shoes
How to Care for Leather Designer Shoes 04 Sep 2019

How to Care for Leather Designer Shoes


Leather designer shoes are a sophisticated addition to any outfit. The high-quality material isn’t only elegant, but also durable. Taking some steps to maintain your footwear will prolong its life and keep it looking brand new for many years. To help you care for your pieces, here are some maintenance tips.

Caring for your Investment

1. Clean

Dirt and dust can dry out leather, causing it to become cracked and brittle. Clean your footwear gently with a horsehair brush to prevent this. If there is encrusted mud, use saddle soap with a damp cloth and a bit of soap. ( Keep in mind while dealing with Suede  a different brush and soap should be used to protect the texture) Designed for horseback riding gear, this will bind to oils, grease, and grime to easily remove them without abrasive scrubbing. Let it dry naturally, since blow driers and heat can alter the shape of the leather.

2. Condition

Leather shoes are comfortable because their material is supple and molds itself to your foot. Keep it flexible with conditioner. Products containing mink and neatsfoot oil or leather honey stimulate the leather’s natural oils, preventing them from drying over time. Use a soft cloth to apply the liquid,the leather will absorb only what it needs for proper hydration, wait and then buff using a second cloth.

3. Shine

A fresh layer of polish can make even years-old leather designer shoes look brand new. Apply a neutral or color-matched polish using a microfiber cloth. This gives them a gleam and also covers scratches and scuffs with a shiny layer of color.

4. Protect

Not only will water leave marks on shoes, but it can also make the leather brittle by stripping its natural oils. To protect your footwear from moisture, apply a waterproofing spray every three to six months. Do this after conditioning, which removes this layer. Only a thin coat is necessary.

5. See a Cobbler

Over time, the soles will wear down, but you don’t need to throw your shoes out when this happens. Visit a cobbler, who can replace the bottoms of your shoes to make them look new. Fit this into your schedule before your soles get too thin, since that can harm the structure of the shoe and make it impossible to repair.

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