How to Stay Cool for The Summer
24 Jul 2023

How to Stay Cool for The Summer

The summer
heat is here—and oh so toasty this time around! With these record setting
temperatures, we want you to stay cool but still fashionable. Our best tip is
to wear linen and cotton—you’ll look and feel refreshed!

It has been
proven that wearing linen clothes in hot, humid weather keeps you much cooler. The structure of the fabric makes it
billow softly away from your body, rather than cling. It is the perfect fabric
if you suffer from overheating or need to stay cool at work or on days out. When
wearing a linen dress, pants or any other piece of linen clothing the body is kept free of moisture. The fabric is
highly absorbent and will quickly remove sweat from the skin. It then takes
that moisture and releases it back into the air—all while saving you from the

fabric that helps you stay refreshed is cotton. It is one of the best fabrics
to wear in the heat because it’s breathable, lightweight, and soft. It allows
for heat to easily escape the body and keep you cool. Cotton is generally
considered to be cooler than polyester in summer.

Marilyn’s, you will find so many European styles that will keep you in the

Cotton outfits:

Linen outfits:

We sincerely hope these tips help you. Visit us at 375 Fifth Avenue
South, in Naples, Florida. The store is open Monday through Saturday from
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