Matching Your Face Shape To Accessories: Earrings Edition
09 May 2023

Matching Your Face Shape To Accessories: Earrings Edition

Earrings are a great way to complement your natural beauty, and wearing the right earrings will flatter and define your features. It is important to choose a piece of jewelry that is complimentary to your face shape.  This ensures that the jewelry will make you feel fabulous, and you will wear it often! We have put together a quick how-to and by the end you can shop our exclusive, European jewelry collection with confidence.

Oval-The best earring shapes for your face are pearls, teardrops, and ovals which provide a soft complement to your face’s natural contour. Luckily, oval faces have incredible versatility in what they can wear, so have fun experimenting.

Round- Drop earrings and long dangles, as long earrings will help to elongate your face.

Heart, Diamond and Triangle Face- Earrings that balance your natural beauty, ones with more width than length, are a good choice. A combination of curves and straight lines are also flattering, as are earrings with delicate drops.

Square- Earrings that are medium to long in length look wonderful. Earrings with angular or rounded edged are also great choices.

Oblong- Earrings with lots of volume work best.

We sincerely hope these tips help you build a unique jewelry collection tailored to you. Visit us at 375 Fifth Avenue South, Naples, Florida. We are open Monday through Saturday from 10am to 5pm EST and Sundays by appointment. Or you can shop our exclusive online 24/7: www.marilynhellman.com

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