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Marilyn’s has a large selection of luxury fashion accessories perfect for the fashionista. In fact, Marilyn’s has a piece for everything from head to toe. Marilyn’s personally sources their selection from vendors all over Europe. First, The hats are from Great Britain, France, Italy, and Spain. The scarves are from Italy and France. The luxury costume jewelry is from countless vendors from all over Europe. Finally, the shoes are from Italy and France.
If you want to find a special scarf for any outfit or event, go to Marilyn’s. Above all, the quality, uniqueness, and variety of Marilyn’s scarves is unmatched. Made with all original prints and various fabrics. You can find scarves made of silk, silk & modal, cotton & modal, cashmere & modal, linen, and pure modal. You will not be disappointed.
Finally, if you need any styling help or have any questions, use our chat function in the bottom right corner and we can help!


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