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Marilyn?s Italian Blue Bow Leather Belt 5094

Marilyn?s Italian Blue Bow Leather Belt 5094


  • Bow Width 5? inches and 3? high, belt width .50?
  • Blue, Leather belt,
  • Bow leather buckle
  • Small 32″ inches/Medium, 36″ inches/Large 38″ inches XLarge 44? inches
  • Made in Italy

These Belts have a blend of tradition and innovation with rare mastery. Made with Italian, time-honored creativity and expertise. The belts are exclusively made of leather, with rhinestones, stones, and metal inserts and mesh. They also have a strong engineering quality in every belt. Metal and leather are the two main components whose interaction with the other details added to a great play of style and design.


Small, Medium, Large, XLarge


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