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Marilyn’s Italian Flared Disc Earring

Marilyn’s Italian Flared Disc Earring


  • Handmade Resin, Brass, Geometric Drop Ball with flared Discs with Crystal Stud, Pierced Earring
  • Color: Peach and Brown, Pink and Red, Red and Blue, White and Nude, Coral and Purple
  • 3.5? Long, 1.5? wide
  • Weight 0.2 oz
  • Made in Italy

Marilyn Italian Handmade Resin, Brass Geometric Dropped Ball with flared Discs with crystal stud, Pierced Earrings

These Earrings are beads and elements in true Italy, craft, and contemporary modern statement pieces from scratch.
The Italian Design Philosophy: Voluptuous Compositions, contrasting volumes, opalescent shades, elements that overlap in a game of three-dimensional geometries, all while remaining lightweight. Immaculate Italian design
This Resin Collection combines manufacturing tradition with a continuous search for new materials and shapes of the lights and colors of the Mediterranean charm, guaranteeing pleasure to the wearer.


Peach Brown, Pink Red, Red Blue, White Nude, White Beige, Coral Purple

Availability Now available in-store at
375 Fifth Avenue South Unit 100 Naples 34102

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