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Marilyn’s French Modern Handbag

Marilyn’s French Modern Handbag


  • Made with genuine leather
  • Four Colors: Black, Purple, Pink, and Magenta
  • 8.5″ Wide by 9″ High, with 3.75″ Base
  • Shoulder and handheld straps
  • Slide in button clasp
  • Made in France

Marilyn’s French modern handbag is a chic, vibrant accessory. It is a stylish piece that makes quite the outfit statement. It can be worn by the handheld strap or by the wide, long shoulder strap.

In detail, the handbag is made of genuine leather and comes in a square design. It is available in four colors: black, purple, pink, and magenta. It has a wide, long shoulder strap and a handheld strap. Additionally, there is a slide in button clasp for closure and inside and outside pockets for extra storage.


Black, Gold, Magenta, Pink, Purple


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