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Marilyn’s French Sea Print Linen Top

Marilyn’s French Sea Print Linen Top


  • 100% Linen
  • Half button up front closure
  • Full length sleeves
  • Made in France
  • Sizing Tip: S = 38 | M = 42 | L = 46

Marilyn’s French sea print linen top is an original design from Loup-Maison, otherwise known as Blandine Laneyrie Della Torre. Della Torre believes that luxury is art, beauty, and emotion and is a way to dream freely. She breathes life into her creations and this top is no exception. This dress features a vibrant print that seems to move like the waves of the sea. The design evokes beauty and a sense of freedom.

In detail, the top is made with 100% linen. It features a half button up closure along the front and has full length sleeves.

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