Marilyn’s Italian seaside blouse comes from the owner’s signature Marilyn’s Blouse Collection. Marilyn believes that blouses are the foundation of a quality, fashion-forward wardrobe.

In 2013, Marilyn started with a passion for designing white blouses and then expanded that passion to include blouses with more colors and designs. Each blouse is made in Italy and crafted with attention to detail. Marilyn invests time with Italian designers in choosing the fabrics, colors, patterns, fit, and finishing. She ensures that each blouse is produced with high quality and care.

In detail, this blouse is made with 100% cotton. It features a blue and white pin stripe pattern with a red trim on the sleeves and bottom of the bodice. The blouse has 3/4 sleeves with a modest v-neckline. And each sleeve has a square, ruffled design for added flare.