Hat Wide brimmed stitched straw hat with head and edged made with rascello black/natural

Kreisicouture, ironic and fun, but always chic and very elegant hats. From the free, cultured and spontaneous creativity of the designer Krisztina Reisini, a rich, sophisticated and multi-faceted haute-couture line is born that mixes glam inspirations from the fashion world with unsuspected contemporary pop references. Each element is reinterpreted with the usual cosmopolitan and refined elegance of the brand to give life to refined and original creations.
The collection is sophisticated and multifaceted haute-couture line, mixing glamorous inspiration from the world of fashion with unexpected references to contemporary pop culture. Every element is reinterpreted with the cosmopolitan and refined elegance we have come to expect from the brand, giving life to distinguished and original creations.
Collaborations: Yves Saint Laurent, Borsalino, Antonio Riva, Antonella Rossi