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Marilyn’s Long White A-Line Eyelet Blouse

Marilyn’s Long White A-Line Eyelet Blouse


  • 100% cotton – white eyelet fabrication
  • Full A-line style in long length
  • 3/4 sleeves
  • Hand wash in cold water, light iron if needed
  • Sizes: 38,40,42,44,46,48,50,52,54,56
  • Made in Italy

Marilyn’s Long White A-Line Eyelet Blouse and 3/4 sleeve in 100% cotton.

The Marilyn Shirt/Blouse collection was born in 2013. Marilyn added dresses in 2017 to expand on her passion for white blouses and because of Giorgio and Giulio Boldetti from Torino Italy. The Boldetti’s took her ideas and transformed his traditional tailor’s workshop into producing the Marilyn Brand. Both Marilyn and the Boldetti’s treasure their love for the final product: giving the utmost care, patience, experience, attention to every detail. That is why the production is totally Italian, as well as the fabrics. Marilyn selects from weaving mills located between Milan, Gallarate and Como. The fabrics are silk, natural viscose, linen, and cotton. They cut and process fabrics in the Turin laboratory, creating garments with yarns, buttons, and high-quality finishes. They still carry out many processes by hand, in compliance with a tradition of excellence signature to Italy.

Marilyn’s Long White A-Line Eyelet Blouse is no exception to this standard.
Marilyn’s also offers complimentary custom fit, so you look your very best in your Marilyn Signature Blouse.

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