In This Tutorial we will Put into Practice the FIVE basic Sizes of Scarves.

Scarves enhance, set off and show off. With a simple scarf you can tie together all the elements of an outfit, all the colors, textures and elements and make it cohesive. The goal is to make your outfit flow so none of the elements are competing with one another but come together with each layer. Scarves share a practical purpose (for the most part) to keep your neck warm and your overcoat clean, while, those created of silk—cascade and caress over your skin to make you feel luxurious. In this day and age, these beautiful materials serve to complete an outfit.

All the chicest icons we know today, Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, and Jackie Kennedy—turned to silk scarves to infuse their looks with effortless glamour in the ’50s and ’60s. Today these historic fashion pieces have became bolder in their design with in-your-face patterns and striking colors, which are worn as dramatic headwraps or around the neck to complement flowy looks.

In this tutorial we will put into practice the five basic sizes of scarves, how you use them to enhance your wardrobe,  cute knots to display scarves as fashion statements in addition to using them for warmth and what different textiles and enhance your favorite pieces. 

We will talk about:

What size will fit your outfit

What textile wraps best

How to wrap your scarf

The best scarf tie for the climate

The most versatile styles

The differences of a stole, shawl, wrap, sarong, and converted sizes square and where you can implement them into your wardrobe!

We look forward to seeing you !

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