08 Oct 2020
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As the temperature drops, your fashion wardrobe actually begins to expand. You are no longer limited to dressing for the hot, humid and sunny summer weather. In Naples, FL, where it usually feels like summer year-round, fashion trends are still heavily influenced by the weather. Many dress for necessity and comfort in the extreme heat of summer. To a degree, that continues throughout the year but that raises the question…Does weather matter in fashion?

Etiquette says, “to be fashionable always dress for the weather”. A hotter climate necessitates you wear items with less or lighter fabrics, showing more skin to contrast the extreme heat. The trends this Fall are more casual and flexible than ever before thanks to a transition from at-home Covid-19 attire. On the other hand, a cooler climate dictates the need to cover more of your body to protect from the lower temperatures. Sweaters, jackets, boots and other accessories extend your wardrobe possibilities from casual to formal or even a little bit of both.

“How do I embody the fall trends, when the weather in a warmer location like Naples, FL never experiences those lower temperatures? Just add some accessories! You can take any dress and throw a cardigan over it as well as supplement it with a pair of thin tights and boots. An accessory like a cardigan allows you the flexibility to take it on and off as you need it, while the tights and boots all you to follow the fall and winter trends without having to wear too much fabric in warmer weather. The muted color palettes of fall and winter make it easier to match pieces together and try a variety of combinations. Fashion is a method of expressing yourself and your individuality, so don’t let something like weather prevent you from following the seasonal trends. When in doubt, just add a new accessory!”

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