10 Nov 2020
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Ever wondered why your wardrobe would need a silk dress in its collection? Silk is one of the most popular fabrics because it is among the most luxurious, absorbent and comfortable of all fabrics and lends an allure of sophisticated style. Silk’s wide diversity is seen both practically and fashionably through its flexible use year-round and its popularity as a top choice in fabric.

What makes a silk dress superior to other fabrics, you may ask? To start off, the silk dress is wearable during all sorts of weather throughout the year. Silk fabric is thin and breathable, making it comfortable to wear even in the warm summer months. Silk is a non-conductor of heat similar to wool making it suitable as winter apparel as well! Just throw a cardigan or jacket on top and it works perfectly for the cooler, fall months.

Marilyn’s silk options come in a wide variety of styles (from one-of-a-kind hand-painted dresses to classic silk tops, shifts and silk scarves to accent any look and they are also the perfect travel companion! Silk is lightweight and easy to throw in your suitcase without the fear of intense wrinkling. Silk retains its shape and has moderate resistance making it difficult to wrinkle! What’s not to love?

The best part about a classic, beautiful silk dress is that it’s never going out of style! The silk dress is such a reliable fashion staple, you should have one for every occasion! 

Visit Marilyn’s Boutique and enjoy all the stunning options to choose from this season!

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