25 Jan 2021
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French women are known for their elegance, ease and flawless style. What is it about French women allows them to achieve such sophisticated, yet uncomplicated and chic fashion looks?

Fashion is first and foremost the extension of a women’s personality and a way for her to express herself. French women have found a way to dress for every occasion while still maintaining a unique style presence bursting with flair and femininity. How do French women achieve this? That’s a simple answer: through a classic and organized selection of wardrobe elements that reflects their personal style and tastes.

The essence of the French women attitude involves embracing their natural bodies and having fun with fashion. They are not afraid to take risks in fashion and, for that reason, they have created inventive trends that continue to revolutionize the fashion industry. It all started with Christian Dior’s designs focused on tiny waists and full skirts post World War II, and then later continued with Yves Saint Laurent’s introduction in the 1960s of men’s jackets and suits into the female wardrobe. And let’s not even get us started on Coco Chanel and her contributions to fashion!

French style invokes a more individualized approach where women select specific clothing that fits their body type and accentuates their best assets, while representing their lifestyle and creativity. In general, they keep their styles sophisticated, yet feminine, with clothes that hug their curves and embody their confidence.

How can you emulate the French women’s style? The key is to focus on clean, “simple” clothing that can be dressed up or dressed down. In other words, start with neutral basics to kick off a look. From there, add bold colored accessories, or a signature bag and stylish sunglasses, to show off your personality. If you’re a student, consider wearing a cashmere sweater on that cold day over a hoodie. To contrast, if you’re a working women top a little black dress with a blazer to take any day look to night without having to change! The most important element of a French women’s style is to look tailored by day and feminine at night.

Here are some closet classics to add your collection that will help you achieve the perfect French-inspired looks:

  • The Sleek LBD – the black dress is a classic that easily transforms with accessories, topped with a blazer, scarf or even sweater. Take it one step further and add a little tan or grey dress to your wardrobe as well.
  • A Well-Tailored Suit – again chose one or more in a neutral color like navy, cream or black.
  • A Crisp, White Blouse – nothing more essential or classic!
  • A Cashmere Sweater – this is an investment that lasts for decades
  • Pair of Black Pants – goes with everything!
  • Pumps – whether kitten heels or stiletto’s, shoes can make or break the outfit plus allow you to have fun with colors and styles!
  • Playful scarves – whether on your neck, hair or tied to a bag, they add a signature element to any look.
  • Hats – yes hats can transform and elevate any look!

These simple, yet staple, pieces are the perfect way to begin incorporating a little French style into your wardrobe. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone though! Whether you are a student, a working women or a mom there is an element of French fashion you can add to your wardrobe today!


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