20 Nov 2020
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Fact: Many people do not know just how wonderful and versatile a scarf is.

There are a multitude of ways to wear them and they can worn for a variety of reasons. Scarves come in various fabrics, from silk, cotton, linen and cashmere, and can be worn around the neck, the waist or even on the head for warmth, fashion or even religious reasons. The unique attribute about scarves is that the many styles, shapes and colors they come in provide an easiest and fool-proof opportunity to find one that suits every occasion, as well as compliments your unique personality.

“At Marilyn’s, we carry a large array of beautiful, trendy scarves to add to your wardrobe collection. Each scarf is made of luxurious silk fabric from Como, Italy, where highly skilled craftsmen come up with gorgeous, unique designs that are sure to become a staple item of your wardrobe. You can wear a simple dress or blouse and use one of our Marilyn’s scarves to bring a pop of color to the look at a very reasonable cost. Scarves are a staple accessory,” commented Marilyn Hellman, founder and owner of Marilyn’s. “I have always felt like a scarf with a bold pattern can take any outfit from drab to fab!”

Some tips on how to wear and tie a scarf to get you started:

1. The Basic Loop

– Drape the scarf around your neck. Then take one end and loop it around your neck 1-2 times until you like the drapping results! It’s classic.

2. The Faux Infinity

– Tie the two opposite ends of the scarf to create a circle. Swing it around your head twice with the knot at the back!

3. The Shawl

– Spread out the fabric and drape it evenly across your shoulders. Cross your body with one end and throw the other one across your shoulder. Cozy and chic, especially in cooler weather.

4. The Faux Belt

– Lay out your scarf and fold the edge about 1-2 inches. Keep folding until your scarf is folded into a 1-2 inch rectangle. Loop your folded scarf through your belt loops and tie it in a small bow in the front. It is more colorful and fashionable than a plain leather belt and lets you personalize the look.

5. The Headband

– Lay out your scarf and connect two of the corners to form a triangle. Start at the opposite end and fold in 1-2 inches. Keep folding until the entire scarf forms a 1-2 inch rectangle. Put the scarf on your hairline, above your forehead, and tie at the base of your neck beneath your hair. You can also tie it at the top to form a bow at the top of your head! Perfect for messy hair days or for a sleek look at the beach!

We only named a few ways to tie your scarf, but there are so many more so feel free to get creative and share your scarf stories with us! Marilyn’s scarves bring a new wave of design and versatility that you definitely don’t want to miss stocking up this season or considering gifting to those you love. Marilyn’s is sure to have a scarf that will be the perfect fit!

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