If you admire the new trend of mixing prints in your fashion ensemble, Marilyn Hellman offers this advise:

Play Up Your Personal Style
Since European fashion is all about creativity, the key to mastering any look is to stay true to your own personal style. Stay current by keeping up-to-date with new trends and mix them in as you choose, but don’t leave your unique style behind! Any new look should reflect you.

Stick to the Same Color Family
If you’re seeking out prints on your next luxury shopping excursion, ensure that they stay within the same color family. This adds harmony to the juxtaposition of the different graphics included in one piece of clothing. But… If you prefer classic style, tread lightly with mixing prints.

Seek Out Options
Not every look is equal. European clothing is incredibly diverse, so if you’re seeking a slenderized look, try the asymmetrical dress. The long, diagonally striped graphic draws the eyes down for a more vertical, slimming appearance. Also, watch for designers who offer options within the collection, which allows you put together the pieces your way.