Prints – Strong Trend In Fashion 2016-2017
Prints – Strong Trend In Fashion 2016-2017 23 Nov 2016
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Prints – Strong Trend In Fashion 2016-2017

Prints are still coming on strong! Marilyn Hellman, owner of Marilyn’s, has this to say about the trend: “Start easy with the trend. To stay current, choose geometric prints. Add a print scarf with a plain color dress or outfit. Try wearing print pants with a long white shirt. Be brave and learn how to add prints to your wardrobe!”

Featured fashion in this article: 1-ONE designed by Isabella Julio
(Available at Marilyn’s)
Italian designer Isabella Julio creates fashion that is fresh, sparkling and full of “joie de vivre”. Isabella named the brand 1-ONE to reflect “the beginning, the rebirth” to regain the emotion for a new day.

When speaking about her designs, Isabella Julio states: ” 1-ONE conveys, first of all, joy, liveliness and lightness. Every single piece of the collection communicates brightness and glee to the person who wear it. 1-ONE is for women who love to be sexy, free and lively at the same time. And who look for something able to exalt their personality and femininity Every creation of my brand is studied to enhance the silhouette in an elegant way, without being too bold. Prints and colours are full of energy and irony in the simple patterns as well as in the provocative ones, conveying liveliness and peace at the same time. “

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