When visiting MARILYN’S ON FIFTH, one can expect a personal touch from a knowledgeable fashion design expert who was born to dress women in feel-good attire not found in your everyday department store. A jacket is a staple piece to any wardrobe and an instant outfit. You’ll find perfect couture jackets at Marilyn’s that you won’t find anywhere else.

Marilyn’s carries a wide selection of unique couture jackets. They source jackets from all over Europe. Also, Marilyn’s has jackets fit for every occasion. You’ll find lightweight jackets perfect for travel. You’ll find bold statement pieces to stand out in the crowd. And, you’ll find neutral jackets ready to compliment every outfit in your wardrobe. Ultimately, Marilyn’s jackets are made with the best quality fabrics and designer fits so you can wear your pieces for seasons and years to come. If you need a special jacket for any event, go to Marilyn’s. You won’t be disappointed.

Finally, if you need any styling help or have any questions, use our chat function in the bottom right corner and we can help!


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