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Marilyn’s Italian Butterfly Knit Cardigan

Marilyn’s Italian Butterfly Knit Cardigan


  • High twisted cotton
  • Garden pattern with butterflies, greenery, and flowers
  • Middle row of buttons on front side
  • Short sleeves
  • V-neckline
  • Made in Italy


The care of knitwear is important to its longevity. The best way to wash is by hand or on gentle cycle in your washing machine with like colors.

Avoid harsh detergents, bleach, and stain removers. Do not hang to dry because it will stretch out. Instead, lay flat to dry and keep folded when storing.

Marilyn’s Italian butterfly knit cardigan is unmatched in quality and style. The cardigan comes from Marilyn’s unique Italian knitwear collection that exudes with personality and color! Its design, style, and fit embrace the body’s natural curves making it comfortable to wear all day. The knitwear is also easy to accessorize and takes up little space in your suitcase or wardrobe. This is because the textile is made up of high twisted cotton fibers. Thus, space should be the least of your worries and not to mention breathability. The knit texture lends itself to a cooling fit. So, for warmer weather it’s perfect! Hello…Spring and Summer! Alternatively, it can easily be layered to wear in cold weather.

In detail, the cardigan features a garden pattern with butterflies, greenery, and flowers. It has varying colors: black, green, pink, and red. The cardigan has a middle row of buttons along the front with a v-neckline and short sleeves.

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