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Marilyn’s French Plexiglass Bracelet MX161 DA

Marilyn’s French Plexiglass Bracelet MX161 DA


  • Made of plexiglass
  • Two Color Options: Black and Gold
  • Lightweight
  • Made in France

Marilyn’s French plexiglass bracelet MX161 DA is truly one of its kind. It shines so vibrantly in the sunlight and is very lightweight for easy, comfortable wear. The bracelet is carved by hand from hard materials in France. The material starts as leaves and blocks, and then is followed with some machining, sanding, and polishing to make it transparent. From there, it is molded and carved into geometric shapes.

In detail, the bracelet is lightweight and easily slides onto the wrist. It is available in two color options: black and gold.


Black, Gold


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