The upcoming Spring season ushers in lots of fun bright colors and styles! Bold dresses, fuller tops, wide leg pants, and fun skirts are all things you’ll see on and off the runway! To compliment these looks, you must know the trending colors: lime green, cheery yellow, sunset orange, fuchsia, and vibrant blues.

With these ever-changing fashion trends, it can be difficult to keep up. Here at Marilyn’s, we can help select the best color for you based on your skin’s undertone. If you have a warm undertone, yellows and oranges are ideal. If you have a cool undertone, blues and pinks are perfect.

While color selection is important, here at Marilyn’s we believe true beauty comes from not just the outward appearance but also within. That’s why when you shop with us, you will walk away feeling the best version of you! You will feel confident to dress for any occasion—day or night!