Tips On Hat Shopping!
13 Apr 2022
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Tips On Hat Shopping!

Hats in the Garden, Kentucky Derby, luncheons, weddings…let us make your Spring event shopping easier with our quick guide. Events such as these require a dashing hat to match your outfit. It’s important to us here at Marilyn’s that you are prepared. When you come in to make your selection, be sure to bring your outfit with you. It is the best way to ensure your hat matches and allows you to see the completed look. And it is important to know your price point.

Now that you’ve secured your outfit and price point—let the fun part begin! Choosing the best hat for you!!

We have a few recommendations below, but for the most personalized experience, we encourage you to come to the shop. We’d love to be part of your hat selection!

-Neutral Outfit

  • Solid or complementary, a multi-color hat that ties in with the outfit’s hues


  • Match the hat to your shoes or accessories

A few other details to keep in mind. You need to ensure you can walk, talk, and go to the lady’s room in your hat. Also, try to choose a hat you can wear on more than one occasion. And most importantly, be sure you do not choose a hat that is a danger to others. Meaning, no sharp or poking décor—especially if you’ll be in close quarters with others (ex. Sitting at the table).

Additionally, the hat you choose should compliment your skin tone. Hats sit close to the face so it’s vital the hat and your skin don’t clash. If you have pale skin, warm colors like pink or rust are best. If you have darker skin, avoid black.

And finally, fascinators are ideal if you’re shopping for a luncheon. We encourage you to seek advice from our “Face Shape Hat Guide” at

We sincerely hope these tips serve you well and that you choose Marilyn’s to shop for your next Spring event. Marilyn and her staff are delighted to share your hat selection experience. Our only hope is you leave here feeling confident and encouraged. Visit us at 375 Fifth Avenue South Naples, Florida. The store is open Monday through Saturday 10:00 am- 5:00 pm. Or you can shop our exclusive online shop at


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